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What People Are Saying About KW Diversity...

Dr. Kalise Wornum was and is a catalyst for change in the Milton Public Schools, ... if you partner with her, she will transform you and your district.

Dr. Karen L. Spaulding, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Human Resources, Milton Public Schools


Dr. Wornum is an extremely knowledgeable, engaging presenter who easily captured the interest and attention of our entire PK-12 staff. Kalise ...delivered one of the most powerful, impactful professional development sessions that we have ever experienced in my thirteen years in the district.

Dr. Alison Melo Assistant Superintendent, Foxborough Public Schools

Her easygoing style, combined with a sense of humor helps create a very nonjudgmental and welcoming climate as she skillfully navigates sensitive issues. Kalise's presentations are engaging and interactive which helps all members feel comfortable participating.

Dr. David Castelline, Director of ACCEPT

When she speaks on the subject (of cultural proficiency or equity) and brings us relevant ways to solve actual problems in the classroom, there is no hesitation in implementing her solutions - and we have seen results.

Robyn Rease, Assistant Principal Wellesley Middle School


"Kalise is an absolutely phenomenal speaker. She is inspirational and motivates listeners. She certainly knows how to woo a crowd. She truly believes in what she says and delivers her message. I have always said that I see Kalise speaking all over the world with her wealth of information to share."
Boston, MA

"You won our hearts with our openness, candor, and skillful facilitation. The evaluations were very positive - with comments like "this was one of the most powerful sessions we have had. We are so grateful for your effective effort, and look forward to more collaboration in the future and a growing friendship."
Research for Better Teaching, Acton, MA

"Great passion, energy, knowledge, compassion, respect". The whole package—wonderful two days to be part of your presentations. I'm slow to change (just ask my wife!) things have to bounce around inside my head for a while (and there's lots of space up there to do it!). AND I do get what you're saying—you have made me so much more aware the next steps will come!"
Boston, MA

"Ms. Wornum would have been a fantastic speaker on any subject. She did an excellent job in initiating the conversation around race. The presenter was fantastic! I would love to see a continued partnership with her in facilitating ongoing conversations among parents, staff, and students."
Medway, MA


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