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Helping Organizations to

Become Culturally Proficient

 Making Authentic Connections by Exploring Race & Culture 

KW Diversity Co.

As a leading provider of cultural proficiency training, we take pride in offering the best courses, workshops, and products. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our clients each and every day. KW Diversity, Co. is a consulting firm, specializing in cultural proficiency, and community conversations to support difficult conversations regarding race and cultures.

Our services are designed to help organizations, companies, and school districts improve teaching and learning while training educators to become culturally proficient. Additionally, KW Diversity, Co. helps municipalities, nonprofit organizations, and business organizations understand the value of diversity while examining and addressing policies and protocols.

KW Diversity Co. is a consulting firm, which has a broad offering of services to improve any organization. The firm strives to help people throughout the nation make authentic connections in a most authentic manner.

KW Diversity, Co., is a consulting firm, specializing in cultural proficiency, and community conversations to support difficult conversations regarding race and equity. Our most popular request is the ten-hour foundational course has proven to be the answer that school systems are searching for to address the ongoing challenge of developing an equitable school system.  

Our presentations are filled with hard work that we make easy with high energy and an uncanny ability to connect to the audience through openness, candor, and skilled facilitation.  Our presentations are powerful in delivery and passionate in our devotion to the development of teachers and the education of all students.


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KW Diversity Co.

"This was the best PD I've ever had in my entire career."

--MAVA Conference Participant


"She is such an awe-inspiring speaker."

-Teacher- South Shore Vocational Tech.


"My team absolutely loved you and we want to bring you back through a grant we are writing."

--S. Harvey, Bridge Over Troubled Waters



"You created a comfortable environment in which to ask questions that would’ve otherwise been uncomfortable. There is so much to be said for the service she offers."

-- C. Cronin, Admissions Coordinator


"I've felt more engaged and aligned with my own pedagogical and moral beliefs during our PDs with Dr. Wornum than at any other time during this whole year. She reminded me of my purpose."

--Nauset Public Schools


Workshops, Courses, and Keynote Topics

  • Teacher and Leadership Training in Cultural Proficiency

  • Strategies for Having Conversations about Race and Ethnicity

  • How to Talk to Young Children about Race and Culture

  • Addressing and Interrupting Racial Microaggressions

  • Best Practices for Having Difficult Conversations

  • How to Supervise and Coach Staff around Cultural Proficiency

  • Implicit Bias and Hiring

  • Techniques in Addressing Personal Bias While Defining Your Authentic Self

  • Establishing Diversity Equity & Inclusion Committees

  • Cultural Proficiency Training for School Committees

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